Morning Docket: 10.03.23

* Supreme Court argues over whether or not “and” means “or” because we’re a very serious global superpower. [National Law Journal]

* Elon Musk faces defamation claims after he “falsely accused a recent college graduate of being a federal agent posing as a neo-Nazi during a violent street brawl at an LGBTQ event.” That’s a bingo card for you. [Law360]

* Meanwhile, artist formerly knowns as Twitter sued by legal marketing firm over use of “X.” [Bloomberg Law News]

* As Trump trial continues, SBF trial kicks off to make downtown Manhattan even more insufferable [Reuters]

* Alina Habba ready to get a few rounds of Fortnite in between witnesses. [Yahoo]

* Which university breaks safety laws for years and how did you already know it was going to be Liberty. [Washington Post]

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