Morning Docket: 10.04.23

* Alito and Jackson snipe at each other over CFPB funding argument with Justice Jackson focusing on whether the agency violates some part of the Constitution and Justice Alito demanding some historical precedent as if Alexander Hamilton and the Bank of the United States didn’t exist. [Law360]

* New Twitter will pay legal fees for old Twitter executives as Musk’s effort to escape this specific legal obligation also failed. [The Verge]

* Gag order issued against Trump after he doxxed a clerk in his case. Let’s start taking bets on how long it takes for him to violate this. [Reuters]

* Law firm mergers keep on coming and might well accelerate as the “little recession that couldn’t” seems to have only succeeded in revealing prime takeover targets. [American Lawyer]

* Funniest lawyer in New Jersey [NY Post]

* When it comes to diversity, the US Supreme Court is not as bad as some. [LegalCheek]

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