Morning Docket: 10.05.23

* Alex Jones put his parent company into bankruptcy in a bid to avoid paying damages. Now he’s fighting the company because they say the bankruptcy process prevents them from paying the who $1.3 million salary he wants while simultaneously trying to declare himself bankrupt. Live by the shady bankruptcy, die by the shady bankruptcy. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Is it a good thing when the judge bangs the table and calls your questions ridiculous? Asking for Trump’s attorneys. [Reuters]

* Alex Kozinski doesn’t seem to be persuading his former colleagues to revive Donald Trump’s class action against Twitter for “censorship.” [Law360]

* Firms wring hands over profitability just in time to manage bonus expectations. [American Lawyer]

* Biglaw firm sues recruiter when partner bails after three months. [New York Law Journal]

* North Carolina Republicans vote to make themselves exempt from public records requests. Who do they think they are, the Supreme Court? [Courthouse News Service]

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