Morning Docket: 10.10.23

* Treat your significant other the way you’d want to be treated if they’re called to testify against you in a multi-billion dollar fraud trial. [Reuters]

* Chevron doctrine on the chopping block. Because what this country needs is every mundane detail of government in the hands of the laser-focused geniuses in the House of Representatives. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Drew Magary calls for an end to the Supreme Court’s soft dictatorship. [SF Gate]

* A thorough analysis of Ken Chesebro’s effort to overturn the 2020 election concludes that it doesn’t seem like that’s legal. [Just Security]

* In bid to keep his law license, John Eastman testifies that there’s been “200 years of dispute” over whether the vice president can unilaterally overturn elections. [Law360]

* Biglaw firms weather economic jitters by showing up in midmarket deals. [American Lawyer]

* Documentary profiles the attorneys who held Nazi groups accountable. [Daily Beast]

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