Morning Docket: 10.11.23

* Clarence Thomas decides to push out a quick “the First Amendment should protect me more” opinion for funsies. [Courthouse News Service]

* Mr. Beast at the center of AI/Deep Fake controversy after cybercriminals pretending to be him proposed giving away something someone might want. [Bloomberg Law News]

* And here come the intellectual vapid responses to the NYU Law situation. Honestly, how hard is it to endorse the slightest bit of nuance? [National Review]

* Meanwhile, diplomats are pointing to Israel’s response as already in breach of international law. [Politico]

* 49 percent of lawyers are satisfied with work-life balance meaning 51 percent of lawyers are deluded liars. [LegalCheek]

* Opioid special master protected by judicial “what are you, on crack?” privilege. []

* Somehow this headline is “giant gas company has biggest acquisition of the year” and not “oligopoly plays monopoly.” [Law360]

* Utah sues TikTok in bid to protect children even though they still allow 16 year olds to get married. Priorities! [Reuters

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