Morning Docket: 10.20.23

* Non-lawyer Stephen Miller continues his bid to be the go-to ambulance chaser of “were your feelings hurt by wokeness?” by suing NYU Law Review for discriminating against white men. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Cleary facilities manager who sent fake invoices to the tune of around a million bucks heads to jail. [Roll on Friday]

* Former FTX GC testifies that Sam Bankman-Fried asked him to conjure up possible legal justifications for a bunch of transactions. Normally in-house counsel aren’t asked to play Mad Libs with finances, but welcome to the world of crypto! [Reuters]

* Supreme Court mulling Missouri’s gun law which “reads like it was drafted by a member of the John Birch Society after a night of heavy drinking.” [Vox]

* Some clients are pushing firms to get on the AI bandwagon. [American Lawyer]

* Net neutrality is coming back, baby. [Law360]

* Kirkland unveils new tech tool for funds attorneys. [Legaltech News]

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