Morning Docket: 10.23.23

* After all the hemming and hawing and stealth layoffs and delayed starts… most law firms are on track to meet 2023 budgets. [American Lawyer]

* Tech industry lawyer reportedly coordinated letter to Congress asking them not to pass AI regulations. On the one hand, AI probably needs some regulation. On the other hand, maybe it’s best if the tweebs who can’t elect a Speaker aren’t writing those laws. [Politico]

* Meanwhile, the spread of AI sends a bunch of lawyers back to school. [Legaltech News]

* Chevron set to buy Hess for $53 billion. Putting aside concerns over consolidation in the energy market, are they still going to keep making the trucks?!? [Bloomberg Law News]

* Janice Rogers Brown testifies on behalf of John Eastman that he’s “dedicated his life to the preservation of constitutional order,” reminding us that the “serious” conservative legal movement was never serious at all. [Law360]

* Defense team complaining that prosecutors are trying to paint Sam Bankman-Fried as a cartoonish villain. I mean… are they trying to do that. [Reuters]

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