Morning Docket: 10.24.23

* There are “thousands of trained therapy dogs found in courthouses across the country” to help jurors and attorneys deal with stress. On the one hand, awwwwww. On the other hand, we’re officially too soft as a nation. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Quinn Emanuel and Latham both earn benchslappings unsealed. [Law360]

* Tim Scott warns that Democrats want to legalize abortion up to the 52nd week. Ah, the classic “fourth trimester abortion.” [Huffington Post]

* Speaking of abortion, Ohio’s GOP Attorney General put out his “non-partisan” assessment of the upcoming reproductive rights ballot measure and wouldn’t you know it, returning to the status quo of the prior half century results in fire and brimstone. [Ohio Capital Journal]

* Folks want digital payments for mass torts, which is so logical I’m sure it will be fought tooth and nail by the courts. []

* The diploma mill model hasn’t worked out. [Reuters]

* Speaking Portuguese is good for your legal career. [LegalCheek]

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