Morning Docket: 10.25.23

* Mark Meadows has immunity? Well, well, well. [ABC]

* Meta targeted for hooking kids through algorithms say state attorneys general seeking to increase their reelection profiles with a lawsuit designed to game the Google algorithm . [Law360]

* New bipartisan push for Supreme Court term limits. Because Harlan Crow should have to buy vacations for other people too. [Reuters]

* Florida asks Supreme Court to reinstate its anti-drag show law and somehow Clarence Thomas will decide that the ban comports with the original understanding of a bunch of guys who wore stockings and wigs. [CNN]

* Forget government and academia, former Supreme Court clerks are making bank in litigation finance. []

* NLRB set to consider whether college athletes are properly university employees roughly 50 years after the fact. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Former Connecticut senate attorney heads to prison. [CT Insider]

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