Morning Docket: 10.26.23

* Are firms going to start outsourcing associate training? An interesting concept! What if we had “schools” where prospective lawyers could learn the “law” before getting to the firm. We could call them “law schools.” Meh… it’ll never work. [American Lawyer]

* Comprehensive breakdown of the average workday start and finish times at each UK firm. [LegalCheek]

* In light of SBF’s decision to take the stand, here are some past instances of high-profile white-collar defendants testifying on their own behalf. Much like crypto, you never know how it’ll turn out but probably not great. [Reuters]

* Judge Pauline Newman files brief taking her Federal Circuit colleagues to task for their extra-constitutional efforts to remove her from the bench. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Eleventh Circuit nixes Home Depot’s effort to derail the Blue Cross settlement. [Law360]

* Apple has joined the right-to-repair effort. [Quartz]

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