Morning Docket: 10.30.23

* State AG’s explain how Facebook algorithms are just like tobacco and opioids. Except, you know, instead of killing you it recommends you a new toaster oven. []

* Adelson defense team argues that dental hygienists decided to murder Dan Markel herself and extort Adelson family on the theory that law enforcement would blame them once they caught her and determined that she was close to the family… or something. [ABA Journal]

* Not with a bang but with a whimper: After failing to find a merger partner, Stroock may wither away with over 30 partners making individual lateral moves to Hogan Lovells. [Law360]

* Trump gag order back in place. Notably it does not extend to Judge Chutkan so he’s been on a rant about her “Trump Derangement Syndrome” since late last night. [Reuters]

* Joe Biden issues broad AI regulation order through executive order since every other avenue of government is broken. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Allen & Overy sells legal tech subsidiary aosphere to private equity. [Financial Times]

* We’re sad to report the passing of legal journalist and former Above the Law columnist Monica Bay who covered everything from the rock scene to legal technology over the course of her lengthy career. [LawNext]

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