Morning Docket: 10.31.23

* Biglaw and finance shouldering the commercial real estate load as they fight to return to the office load while every other industry embraces the 21st century. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Cross-examination teaches SBF that you can’t cover the lows by borrowing from other people’s good testimony. [Law360]

* Firms plan to pursue rate hikes over the next year while client spin warns of the recession that’s still never materialized. [American Lawyer]

* London more popular than New York for commercial disputes. [LegalCheek]

* Artists lose opening bid to hold AI legally liable for training on existing art work. [Courthouse News Service]

* Just in time for Halloween, the government seeks to protect JetBlue from taking in an evil Spirit. [Reuters]

* Florida lawyers looking to put Anthony Fauci on trial because… Florida. [Newsweek]

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