Morning Docket: 11.01.23

* Could it be that associates actually want to work as hard as ever, they just don’t have any patience for bad management? No… it’s the children who are wrong. []

* On that note, lateral partner moves increasingly driven by quest for more associate support. [American Lawyer]

* Ohio clerk tries to hide public records to maintain control. It’s not going well for her. [Courthouse News Service]

* New bar exam already has buy-in from a handful of states. [Reuters]

* Lawyers eyeing more stock drop suits because why admit you misjudged the market when you can sue a company? [Bloomberg Law News]

* After getting into the weeds, jury awards $332M in Roundup case. [Law360]

* Judges can’t bust into people’s homes without warrants… who do they think they are? Cops? [ABA Journal]

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