Morning Docket: 11.02.23

* If you thought the bar exam was bad, in the UK they just made applicants wait 6 hours for the SQE and then sent them home because of IT issues. [LegalCheek]

* Donald Trump Jr. testifies that he was clueless as to how the company kept track of money, and if there’s anyone who comes across as plausibly clueless, it’s Jr. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Trump Sr. is already putting together his second-term legal team. [The New Republic]

* After the U.S. Judicial Conference reversed the Second Circuit, which had glibly looked the other way in an ethics case involving judges hiring a clerk with a public record of racist remarks, the Second Circuit ruled that the matter is closed because they refuse to take orders from the national judicial conference. [Reuters]

* Single-tier partnerships getting battered by market conditions. [American Lawyer]

* Former Goldman banker gets 3 years. [Law360]

* D.C. attempts to get free legal services to evicted tenants. [Washington Post]

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