Morning Docket: 11.06.23

* Donald Trump set to testify in New York. Be there, will be wild. [Reuters]

* Stroock files notice that it’s laying off roughly 140 people in New York. [Bloomberg Law News]

* The administration’s antitrust push hasn’t netted all the results one might’ve hoped, but Lina Khan’s tenure at the FTC may have some knock on effects as law students embrace antitrust work. [Politico]

* More firms are condemning senior associates to a holding pattern. [American Lawyer]

* Defamation filings are on the rise and it’s a real, shall we say, SLAPP in the face. [ABA Journal]

* It’s Pro Bono Week in the UK — the sort of annual recognition of good works that frightens and confuses Americans. [LegalCheek]

* NCAA faces billions in damages after feasting at the free labor trough for decades. [Law360]

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