Morning Docket: 11.07.23

* Supreme Court set to hear whether or not states can bar Grand Theft Auto caricatures from having guns. As a reminder, the Fifth Circuit said “no” and then preemptively suggested any justice who ruled differently was a spineless RINO. So the judicial system is having a normal one. [CBS News]

* Charlie Adelson guilty of murdering of law professor Dan Markel. [NY Times]

* Trump’s day of testimony was exactly as bonkers as promised. [CNN]

* WeWork files for bankruptcy having flopped right before “hey we might need flexible office space” became a key business need. [Law360]

* Biglaw’s not plugged into AI yet, but AI it’s coming to Biglaw and it’s bringing more tech with it. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Supreme Court finds bacon challenge undercooked [Reuters]

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