Morning Docket: 11.09.23

* Senate set to subpoena Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow to chat about the not-so-lost art of buying influence. [Reuters]

* How non-equity partners solve one nagging problem for Biglaw. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Forbes is doing a lawyer ranking. They have such a great track record with their other rankings. [Forbes]

* Reacting to Biglaw’s open letter on campus antisemitism, law school deans “unsure, though, what the letter is asking the schools to do.” Could that be because the letter was a vapid PR stunt? [American Lawyer]

* American lawyer pulls gun and kills two environmental protesters in Panama. [Daily Beast]

* Citi ordered to pay up over pattern of discrimination against Armenians, which seems weirdly specific. [Law360]

* Michigan reportedly hiring Williams & Connolly in anticipation of Big Ten discipline. Well, that certainly sends a… signal. [Wolverines Wire]

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