Morning Docket: 11.10.23

* “US appeals court calls Biden’s ‘ghost gun’ limits unlawful.” You have five guesses which appeals court and the first four don’t count. [Reuters]

* Embattled NYC Mayor Eric Adams hires WilmerHale after FBI raids top fundraiser and Adams say it as personally threatening enough to cancel a meeting with Biden to come home and deal with it. [Gothamist]

* Cyberattack on A&O-not-yet-Shearman. How many times do we have to tell you guys not to click that link? [Law360]

* Partner resigns over misconduct claims. [RollOnFriday]

* American economy desperately needs an influx of workers and there’s a 9 million application backlog on work visas. So, obviously, the country is flirting with closing the borders next election. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Torts making a comeback, baby! []

* Prince Harry’s case against the Daily Mail continues. [Daily Beast]

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