Morning Docket: 11.13.23

* Law schools turn to Taylor Swift to teach material. “So you see class, that’s why when there’s no body, there’s no crime.” [AP]

* Judge denies motion to probe jurors over alleged group chat in Charlie Adelson murder trial. [ABA Journal]

* DeNiro’s former assistant wins $1.2 million in gender discrimination suit. [Courthouse News Service]

* Trump wants criminal trials televised in latest test of his theory that he can commit a crime in public and still have supporters. [Reuters]

* Cleary plans to add half a billion in revenue. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Chambers is getting sold for $490 million… which seems like a lot for Chambers, right? [Law360]

* It’s time, once again, for GCs to whine about law firms raising their rates slightly below the rate of inflation. [American Lawyer]

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