Morning Docket: 11.16.23

* Lawyers didn’t realize plaintiff was dead. The peril of contingency work, because with monthly billing they would’ve been all over that. [Bloomberg Law News]

* The antitrust case for cheating at football. [Wall Street Journal]

* Judiciary Committee Dems prepared to take the most cowardly way out again. [Courthouse News Service]

* AI passes ethics exam, proving that the ethics test fails to catch the sort of advocate who would just blatantly make up fake caselaw. [Reuters]

* Lawsuit against Amazon focuses on social casinos.[]

* Attorney for Georgia co-defendant leaked the proffer videos saying the world had a “right to know” what was in there. [Law360]

* John Kennedy continues to ask inane Black’s Law Dictionary questions of federal judiciary nominees waiting for them to be confused about what he’s trying to get at when he’s asking about a random legal concept. It’s basically a latter day version of a segregationist literacy test: struggle to figure out the nuance, get blasted as “unable to answer basic questions”; answer with a simplistic definition, get called out for “having only the most basic understanding.” [Fox News]

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