Morning Docket: 11.20.23

* Billing rates are up and somehow the narrative around this never mentions that we had a spate of overall inflation in the middle. [American Lawyer]

* Lawyer pleads guilty to paying clerk for referrals. The hustle is real. [ABA Journal]

* DOJ asks court to strip Eric Adams of control over Rikers Island. Was he trying to sell that to Turkey too? [Gothamist]

* Bob Menendez hires Paul Hastings. [Reuters]

* Federal Circuit asking judge to let them continue to pocket impeach Pauline Newman just like it doesn’t say they can in the Constitution. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Abuse lawsuit against Diddy settles instantly. Seems like something that could’ve been handled with a demand letter. [Law360]

* David Boies plans to step back from firm leadership in 2025. [Litigation Daily]

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