Morning Docket: 11.21.23

* In “Elon Musk defamation suit” news, man brings claim against Musk that might have actual merit unlike Musk’s claim against Media Matters. [CNN]

* Trump organization officials say Mazars was fully aware of all the valuation tactics Trump used. Which is like Michael Corleone testifying that it was all cool because Tom knew what was up. [Law360]

* The turmoil at OpenAI can be traced back to its governance structure, which looks like something ChatGPT came up with. [Corporate Counsel]

* Judge Ho used the concurrence in another case to pen a shadow brief in the Rahimi case now that even this Supreme Court signaled that they think Ho’s crazy. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Supreme Court denies Derek Chauvin’s bid to find someone willing to give him qualified immunity for murder. [Reuters]

* Alex Murdaugh pleads guilty. Not to that thing, the other thing. No, not that other thing, the other other thing. [ABA Journal]

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