Morning Docket: 11.27.23

* Judge prepares to embark on beer taste test in ongoing intellectual property dispute. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. [Law Society Gazette]

* Lest you think that being a cop would get him the sort of basic protection every other prisoner is routinely denied in prison… Derek Chauvin got stabbed and the Bureau of Prisons isn’t even bothering to update his family. [NBC]

* Kirkland makes big bucks off big mistakes. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Former recruiter’s bankruptcy estate sues Major, Lindsey & Africa alleging sexual assault cover up. [American Lawyer]

* White, heterosexual male NYU Law 1L who preemptively assumes he’s too dumb to make law review can continue to pursue his case anonymously for now. [Reuters]

* Lizzo tries to argue that everything she does is in the public interest. [Law360]

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