Morning Docket: 11.30.23

* Supreme Court poised to kill off SEC in-house enforcement. Weird how they think administrative courts pose an affront to justice when they fine millionaire speculators but don’t have a problem with it incarcerating pro se 3-year-olds. [NPR]

* But at least the Court began from the premise that the Fifth Circuit is probably crazy. [Dorf on Law]

* CFPB warns that AI vests too much power to a handful of tech CEOs. Yeah… but that won’t last long. I’ve seen Ex Machina. [Law360]

* Until the robot uprising though, several state insurance authorities are probing carriers using AI to make “discriminatory garbage in, discriminatory garbage out” coverage decisions. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Preet Bharara wants the Justice Department to stop ghosting targets. Amazing how the perspective changes when you’re representing folks on the other side of the table. [Reuters]

* IPOs coming back. Time for firms that laid off all their corporate folks to wildly flail about. [Corporate Counsel]

* Crowell enters the Eric Adams imbroglio. [Gothamist]

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