Morning Docket: 12.04.23

* Could it be that originalism revolves around blatant historical falsehoods? Yes, don’t be silly, of course it is. [Politico]

* Supreme Court eyes blowing up tax law while it’s at it. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Judge characterizes Google’s tactics as deeply troubling. If these shenanigans offend him, don’t let him see what’s going on in any of the Trump cases. [Law360]

* Trump’s legal team suggests delaying trial until Trump leaves office after the hypothetical next term because… reasons. [Washington Post]

* Federal judiciary asks for less money this year but still warns of shortfall. Congress shouldn’t even pay the heating bills until the Supreme Court adopts ethics rules with teeth. [Reuters]

* The Fifth Circuit does a lot of stupid stuff, but its new AI regulation is a low-key contender for its dumbest [Law.com]

* Amazon’s approach to unionizing workers was unsurprisingly illegal [CNBC]

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