Morning Docket: 12.06.23

* Texas woman heads to court to get an abortion after learning the fetus is not viable and seriously threatens her health. You know, the sort of medical tragedy that definitely needs more lawyers, judges, and briefing. [Reuters]

* While Joshua Wright files more ill-advised lawsuits, the judge tossed his first $108M suit until he can allege some actually defamatory statements. [MLex]

* Sam Alito wants to help his buddy defund the United States. It’s not working out for him. [Slate]

* Wisconsin’s radical anti-union law could soon meet its match. [The Nation]

* NY case considers whether 401k plans should be barred from making investment decisions that make politicians unhappy. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Professor Jim Park discusses the history of securities fraud in the United States and it’s as bad as you’d think. [Oh My Fraud]

* A pair of mid-sized firms pair up to create a firm that should make the next Am Law 200. [Law360]

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