Morning Docket: 12.08.23

* Transactional practices coming back just in time to pay for all those raises. [American Lawyer]

* Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal literally used the phrase “slower economy” after a quarter with 5 percent growth. You really have to appreciate the commitment to the bit. [Wall Street Journal]

* ASS Law gets non-compliance notice? What an absolute shock to absolutely no one. [ABA Journal]

* Canadian firm wins libel suit over bad review. [Law.com International]

* Republican judges recast “incompetence” as “pattern of eliminating white males.” [Reuters]

* Woman in Texas granted right to abort non-viable fetus threatening her, but the state sure tried to stop her. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Of all the conspiracies that Fox News imagined, it may turn out that Hunter Biden is really just bad at taxes. [Law360]

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