Morning Docket: 12.29.23

* The law firms we lost in 2023. Turn up your speakers and hit Sarah MacLachlan’s Angel for this one.[American Lawyer]

* Maine joins Colorado and invokes the Fourteenth Amendment to bar Trump from the ballot. Critics point out that, politically, this is only happening in states Trump would lose in November — which is true — but it could compromise the nomination if he’s stripped of delegates from a significant number of states. Or could have compromised the nomination before Nikki Haley decided to blow up her career over a remedial American History question. [CNN]

* DOJ threatens to sue Texas over its new border law because the Supremacy Clause still exists. [Houston Chronicle]

* Meanwhile, employers are desperate for immigrant work options as full employment and labor shortages collide. So, obviously, the next election is going to turn on “blood poisoning.” [Bloomberg Law News]

* Trial over NRA finances moves forward as NYAG believes she has smoking gun. [Reuters]

* NY bans lawyers from practicing without an office in the state. WeWork definitely missed its moment. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

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