Murder And Rape For The Cause

As evidence of the age, a great many videos have emerged from Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel yesterday. Given what we’ve seen from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, mass destruction, murder and mayhem have become common. Images no longer shock as they once did, but this video was so repugnant that it hit a nerve.

The woman, now stripped and dead, in the back of the pickup in which terrorists celebrate their victory, was a 30-year-old German who was in Israel at a music festival. There are plenty of other videos available, should you feel the urge to see more. Having seen many, I don’t feel any need to see more or spread them any further. Knowing they’re there is enough.

While most on the left abhor what the terrorists are doing to women, children, the elderly and, yes, men and soldiers, raping, murdering, kidnapping, it’s hard to square with their long-held beliefs that Israel is evil and the Palestinians are good. Their world is divided into oppressed and oppressors, and as with most rationalizations used to justify their inherently conflicted and irrational views, there is nothing the oppressed can do to their oppressors that’s wrong and worthy of condemnation.

Everybody is for decolonisation until it is actually time to decolonise. Did you think it would be pretty? That this process towards equity for Palestinians would be bloodless?

If by any means necessary makes you uncomfortable then you aren’t for decolonisation, not really.

— ayan. (@artan_ayan) October 7, 2023

Frankly, this is at least consistent, disgusting as it may be to validate rape and murder in the name of “decolonization.” After all, the “by any means necessary” has become a staple of woke ideology, feigning tolerance, civility and love or they will rape and murder you if don’t comply. @Ayan knows which team she’s on and she will support them no matter what they do. According to her twitter bio, she’s a writer, listing Teen Vogue and Vox among her credits.

This twit was chosen only because it was the first one I saw this morning. Yesterday, I saw many similar twits, progressive vehemently rationalizing their tribes favored Palestinian terrorists over the civilians being murdered in Israel as the price of “decolonization,” one of the left’s causes célèbre. This is the shift from such bourgeois principles as rape and murder are bad to identity, where the group identified as oppressed is always right, because the oppressed can’t be wrong.

For the most part, this manifests here as cancellation or denigration. Where once we had disagreement, perhaps unpleasant but tolerable in a pluralistic society, now we have the need to silence and destroy to the extent possible. But at least “destroy” tends not to involve the rape and murder of the target of hatred, and the collateral damage of bystanders being raped and murdered in the process. There are exceptions, as acts of violence in furtherance of the cause are becoming increasingly common, but they still don’t rise to the level of horror perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists in Israel.

But Ayan was right, this was a test of the fortitude of American progressive who espoused “decolonization” but, when confronted with it in action, no longer had the stomach to back the rapists and murders. Not Ayan. Not those like Ayan. As they support the oppressed Palestinians against their oppressor, Israel, and as they must be defeat their colonizers by “any means necessary,” rape and murder are just tools to achieve a glorious victory.

Are you only a fair-weather progressive? Do you have the stomach for some rape and murder for the cause? Didn’t you realize this was what you’ve been fighting for?

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