NJ Senator Menendez Denies Allegations of Bribery and Conspiracy

Indicted New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez denied allegations of bribery and conspiracy on Monday, insisting that he will be both exonerated and remain New Jersey’s senior senator despite calls for his resignation by top Democrats in the state, Charles Lane reports for Gothamist.

Menendez is accused by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York of providing sensitive information to the Egyptian government, attempting to influence aid and arms sales to Egypt and trying to interfere in criminal investigations in exchange for massive bribes from New Jersey businessmen, including gold bars, $480,000 cash found in envelopes and his wife’s safe deposit box, and a luxury car. This is Menendez’s second indictment in six years since being accused of taking gifts from a Florida eye surgeon in exchange for using his political influence to the doctor’s benefit. The indictment ended in a mistrial.

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