On LawNext: Did Using EyeLevel.ai Cause Pras Michel’s Lawyer To Botch His Defense? Cofounder Neil Katz Says That Is ‘Total Nonsense’

Did Pras Michel’s lawyer botch his defense by relying on an AI program to create his closing argument? That’s what the former Fugees rapper claims in asking a court to overturn his April conviction in an illegal foreign influence scheme.

Michel says his lawyer, David Kenner, made a “frivolous and ineffectual” closing argument because he relied on an experimental AI program called EyeLevel.ai. Michel also alleges that Kenner and co-counsel Alon Israely had undisclosed financial interests in the AI company that motivated them to use the AI in his case as a marketing ploy.

But Neil Katz, the cofounder and COO of EyeLevel.ai, calls those claims “creative fiction” and “total nonsense.” Katz joins LawNext today to give his version of what happened in the Michel case and to tell us more about EyeLevel.ai, a company he says helps businesses and legal professionals build hallucination-free AI applications using private data.

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