On LawNext: The New Beneficial Ownership Reporting Requirement and How Legal Tech Can Help Companies Comply

The arrival of 2024 brought a new reporting requirement for more than 32 million smaller companies in the United States. The new requirement, which came about as part of the federal Corporate Transparency Act of 2021, means that many companies will now have to report information about their beneficial owners — the individuals who ultimately control the company.

With new requirements for companies to collect, document and submit previously unreported information – and with many companies confused about what the law means for them — legal tech companies are stepping up to help, with new products specifically designed to facilitate understanding and compliance.

One company that is taking the lead on this is Wolters Kluwer. It has launched a beneficial ownership platform for legal, compliance and accounting professionals, and enhanced its Legisway platform for corporate legal departments with new beneficial ownership functionality.

On today’s episode, we’ll dig into this new law and its requirements, and hear about how technology is helping companies comply. To do that, host Bob Ambrogi is joined by three executives from Wolters Kluwer:

Ross Aronowitz, vice president, law firm segment leader, at CT Corporation.

Ken Crutchfield, vice president and general manager of legal markets at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US.

Cathy Rowe, senior vice president and segment leader, U.S. professional market tax and accounting North America.

One further note: Last week, after we recorded this conversation, a federal court in Alabama ruled that the Corporate Transparency Act is unconstitutional. The ruling is limited to the two plaintiffs who filed the suit, and the federal government said it will file an appeal. Meanwhile, it is expected that the government will continue to enforce these new beneficial ownership rules.

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