Open Thread: How Is The State Of The Union?

The State of the Union address was Biden’s to blow. It was his chance to show that he’s not too old and still up to the job. It was his chance to show that he still has something to offer a nation, both to the Republicans as well as the Progressive Caucus of the Democrats, with Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush adorned in keffiyehs.

Biden spoke too fast. He stumbled over a few words, blurring sentences. But he spoke with a vigor that’s been missing for a while. Biden used the word “illegal” when referring to the killer of  Georgian nursing student Laken Riley, but wasn’t afraid to say her name as taunted by behatted class clown Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It was never likely that the SOTU would do much to change minds about Trump, whom Biden criticized as a threat to democracy, but this was Biden’s opportunity to dispel the view that his day was done. Did he do it? Even if you’re not a fan of Biden’s or the Democrats, or even if you’re a fan of vulgarity, narcissism, deceit and ignorance, did Biden make this a horse race with his showing that he’s not dead yet?

And did the Republicans do themselves any favors having Katie Britt give the alternatively happy/teary response?

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