Oregon Jail Facilities Lack Drug Addiction Treatment Services

Oregon jails that house people awaiting trial on misdemeanor or serious felony charges, sometimes for months or longer, do not have consistent drug addiction programs, Ben Botkin reports for the Oregon Capitol Chronicle. An Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association survey of 24 jails found 11 of them lacked a medication-assisted treatment program to treat opioid addiction. A proposal from Rep. Pam Marsh would allow jails to apply for grants to provide medication treatment, screenings and mobile services for jails without addiction treatment staff, for example, or to serve several jails.  The amount is not yet set, but it could range from $5 million to $10 million for the rest of the budget cycle, which ends in June 2025. The nine-member governor-appointed Criminal Justice Commission, which is tasked with improving state and local justice systems, would oversee the program.


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