Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Voter-Approved Gun Laws

The Oregon Supreme Court has declined to overturn a lower court’s ban on a slate of new gun laws in the state. Measure 114 requires anyone purchasing a firearm to take a gun safety course and obtain a permit, and also banned magazines holding more than 10 rounds, Jonathan Levinson reports for OPB. The law was immediately challenged and four cases pending in federal court have since been consolidated into one. In a temporary restraining order, Circuit Court Judge Robert Raschio blocked the law’s provisions from taking effect, and later extended the order. 

“Plaintiffs show implementation of BM 114 would … cause an irreparable harm to gun owners and those seeking to purchase firearms for self-defense,” Raschio said as part of his order in December. “Any deprivation of a constitutional right, even temporarily, constitutes an irreparable injury.” The law will remain blocked until a more in-depth hearing is scheduled, though the state’s Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum signaled that the state will continue to fight for implementation of the law. 

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