Philadelphia Gun Violence, Deaths Drops Highest Crime Areas

While gun violence in Philadelphia remains high the number of shootings citywide is coming down, with 390 deaths reported so far this year, down from 480 homicides at the same time last year, Mensah M. Dean reports for The Trace. City officials are attributing the decline to more than $500 million spent in recent years to create intervention initiatives, a revamped Operation Pinpoint system used to assign officers, and the redeployment of additional officers to various districts.

Killings through December 6 compared to the same time last year dropped 29 percent in the 39th District, 27 percent in the 25th District, 40 percent in the 24th District, and 12 percent in the 22nd District. Shootings in those districts were also down significantly overall — and especially in the 24th, where they declined by 47 percent. Residents in the four districts interviewed said that while seeing more officers in some areas is comforting, their streets are still dicey and they remain aware of their surroundings.

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