Report Examines Lack of Care, Attention for Neurodivergent Prisoners in England

A new report by a charity led by ex-offenders examining 11 prisons in England, as well as surveying 250 neurodivergent service-users, found that neurodivergent people in the criminal justice system fail to receive the reasonable adjustments they need, John Pring reports for the Disability News Service. Only 15 of the 104 service-users said they were offered adjustments around their neurodiversity while in prison.

Interviewees spoke of the lack of access to health care and mental health services, and those with ADHD particularly felt the whole criminal justice system was dismissive about their condition “and treated them accordingly”. Adjustments and support were also not delivered systematically by all staff, and some staff deliberately ignored adjustments. Some of those who were interviewed shared experiences of “provocation and abuse” from prison staff. Most of those interviewed spoke of the “ignorance, lack of information and misinformation” they encountered. 


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