Retired Federal Judge Recently Publishes Third Political Thriller

NAPLES, FL—Stephen McGuire, retired federal judge and author, recently, published his third novel, Secret Deceit.

Secret Deceit is a pulsating thriller about a coup to assassinate President David Edwards whose aggressive legislative agenda, backed by broad popular support, poses an ominous threat to the corporate greed of a major American industry. Secret Service agent Anthony Russo, a Special Forces veteran assigned to the President’s protection detail, unknowingly puts his life in jeopardy when his own investigation into the President’s death implicates a corrupt U.S. Senator and other officials in a twisted, devious plot to preserve billions of dollars in unfettered corporate profits. As his investigation advances, Russo uncovers the hidden truth behind the deceitful scheme and why the official investigation into the conspiracy avoided implicating a cabal of some of the most ruthless corporate executives in the country. As a result, Russo’s life and that of several others implicated in the plot would be dramatically changed forever more.

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