Stuck In A Long-Term Contract with A Practice Management Vendor? Clio Offers to Buy You Out

Two years ago, Clio, the law practice management company, made an offer that some law firms might have found difficult to refuse. It offered to buy them out of up to six months of their contracts with competing practice management platforms if they switched to Clio’s platform.

Now Clio is reviving that offer, which it calls its Break Free Program, targeting what it describes as outdated systems and “the shackles of long-term contracts.”

“From now until April 30, 2024, law firms dissatisfied with their current legal practice management software and bound by long-term contracts can reach out to Clio to help cover the remaining cost of their contract — with a credit of up to 6 months of free Clio software,” the company says.

As part of the offer, Clio says it will migrate a firm’s data for free. Lawyers uncertain about switching can sign up for a demonstration and get a $100 gift card.

As with last time, firms must meet certain prerequisites to qualify for the offer. They must:

Be a new subscriber to Clio.
Provide proof of an existing contract with another law practice management software provider.
Have at least three months remaining on the contract.
Purchase an annual subscription to Clio Manage at one of its three subscription levels: Essentials, Advanced or Complete.

Firms that qualify will receive a one-time discount on the Clio subscription. The amount will depend on the firm, based on the remaining value of the prior contract, but will be between the equivalent of 30-180 days of Clio services.

On the landing page for its Break Free Program, Clio indicates it is specifically targeting customers of Caret, LEAP, Cosmolex, PCLaw, MyCase and Smokeball, but the offer is not limited to customers of those products.

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