Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Case

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on Monday over a bankruptcy deal for Purdue Pharma that would give billions of dollars to those harmed by the opioid epidemic, while also shielding members of the Sackler family from additional opioid-related lawsuits, Abbie VanSickle and Jan Hoffman report for the Washington Post.

If the court approves the deal, businesses around the country would win a litigation tactic that could free them from civil liability and prevent future lawsuits. If the Supreme Court were to block the use of such a mechanism, the Sackler family would remain exposed to future civil litigation and the entire Purdue Pharma bankruptcy settlement deal would be in jeopardy. While the court’s conservative majority tends to look favorably on business interests, several conservative members have been wary of aggressive litigation tactics and the justices overall have been skeptical of lower courts acting without express authorization from Congress, legal experts say. The court has temporarily paused the deal until it issues a ruling.

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