Suspect in Colorado Springs Nightclub Shooting Visited Club Multiple Times Before Attack

Local police say the suspect in last year’s Colorado Springs nightclub mass shooting, charged with killing five and injuring more than a dozen other victims, visited ‘Club Q’ at least six times before the shooting, Melissa Henry reports for 11News. Anderson Aldrich currently faces 300 charges in connection with the attack on the LGBTQ+ club. Evidence presented in court Wednesday shows that one of the victims killed in the shooting, Derrick Rump, served Aldrich at the bar a month earlier, and a Colorado Springs detective testified that Aldrich considered livestreaming the mass shooting from his phone. 

According to police testimony, Aldrich maintained a “neo-Nazi white supremacist” website where they shared videos that glorified mass shooters. Detective Rebecca Joines testified that she believes Aldrich was trying to emulate previous attacks on synagogues and mosques in Europe and New Zealand, Colleen Slevin reports for the Associated Press.

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