Terrorism Arrests, Investigations Carried Out in Three Different European Nations

A Denmark terrorism investigation has led to the arrest of two people and targeting of four others in a case that coincided with an arrest in the Netherlands and several in Germany of alleged Hamas members, Jan M. Olsen reports for the Associated Press. The three people arrested in Germany were suspected of preparing for attacks on Jewish institutions in Europe. Prosecutors allege that they were tasked with finding a previously set-up underground Hamas weapons cache in Europe and that they “have been longstanding members of Hamas and have participated in Hamas operations abroad.”

It remains unclear if the arrest of the person in the Netherlands has any ties to the German case and Denmark as well hasn’t cited an alleged Hamas link in its own investigation. Danish intelligence agency PET on Thursday announced the arrests of three people on suspicion of plotting to carry out “an act of terror.” In Brussels, where she attended a European Union summit, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen mentioned the Danish, German and Dutch cases but declined to tie them together. Meanwhile, earlier this month, Ylva Johansson, the EU’s home affairs commissioner, warned that Europe faced a “huge risk of terrorist attacks” over the Christmas holiday period amid the Israel-Hamas war.

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