Texas Prisoners Hunger Strike Against Solitary Confinement

Hundreds of Texas prisoners participated in a hunger strike starting January 10 to protest against the state’s solitary confinement practices, Michelle Pitcher reports for the Texas Observer. January 10 was the first day of the 88th legislative session, and incarcerated people participating in the strikes have called for other major changes to the system beyond just solitary reform, including limiting the time someone can spend in administrative segregation and increasing access to rehabilitation programs. 

Similar strikes have taken place in Texas in the past, but few have led to results, Pitcher reports. Prison strikes can be difficult to track due limited communication between prisoners, outside organizers and media, but hunger strikes remain one of the primary nonviolent ways incarcerated people have found to bring attention to the conditions inside prisons. Now, the Guardian reports that advocates have counted 22 remaining men participating in the strike as of Saturday, while the Texas Department of Criminal Justice reported just six left striking. 

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