The Evolution of Law and Journalism in the Age of the Internet: The File Notes Podcast Interviews … Me

I was greatly honored to be interviewed by Luke Campbell, CEO of VXT, the New Zealand-based VoIP system for lawyers, for his podcast File Notes. It was a lot of fun, and Luke — a great interviewer, by the way — dug deep into my entire career, and how both journalism and tech have evolved.

Watch or listen via the File Notes episode page.

Here’s his description:

In this episode, Luke sits down with Bob Ambrogi, a notable figure bridging law, journalism, and legal tech. Bob shares his journey, which began with a professor’s advice to study law for a deeper understanding of journalism. This advice set him on a path that merged legal practice with legal journalism, leading to his creation of LawSites, one of the first blogs exploring the impact of the internet on law and subsequently, a popular podcast; LawNext.

Bob discusses the shift in news media and the challenges faced by business models in the digital age. Drawing from his early experiences in publishing a local paper, he talks about the difficulties in monetizing content despite growing readership, influenced by social media and the fast pace of today’s news.

A key part of our talk focuses on AI’s role in transforming legal services. Bob predicts major changes in how legal practices operate, the evolving nature of lawyer-client relationships, and the emergence of new service providers. He highlights the potential of AI to make legal help more accessible while cautioning about its current limitations.

Bob also shares practical advice for those starting a legal podcast. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on quality content and guests, and provides tips on consistency, investing in travel recording kits, and leveraging spontaneous guest interactions.

Join us as Bob Ambrogi guides us through the intertwined worlds of law, journalism, and technology, offering insights from his unique perspective at the intersection of these evolving fields.

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