The Importance Of Being Sidney

It never made any sense to me that Sidney Powell joined Team Crazy. She was a well-respected lawyer, despite what the legal analysts of MSNBC have to say about her. She co-authored a book with Harvey Silverglate of Three Felonies A Day fame entitled Conviction Machine: Standing Up to Federal Prosecutorial Abuse. And there she was, standing next to Rudy Giuliani, spewing bizarre claims of voting machine fraud on behalf of Donald Trump. Why?

The initial impression of her plea deal in the Georgia RICO case where she copped a sweetheart plea in exchange for flipping is that she must have some pretty great testimony to offer to get misdemeanors and probation. Trump’s Georgia attorney, at the moment, Steven Sadow, reacted in the only way he could.

Assuming truthful testimony, it will be favorable to my overall defense strategy.

Was this spin or his way of saying that the defense in Georgia will be reliance on legal advice, including that of Sidney Powell. Or did she finally release the Kraken, except it’s not the one Trump expected her to?

Some speculate that Powell, the first real insider to flip, will be able to testify that Trump knew he was a pathetic loser and would do anything, lie, cheat or steal, to hold onto power rather than be humiliated by his monumental failure to win a second term and disgrace as most disgusting person to ever sit in the Oval Office. It’s possible, but doesn’t seem likely. That’s just not the way these things happen, and that’s especially true with Trump, whose only interest is what someone can do for him.

Powell didn’t become a power player on Team Crazy by being empathetic ears to whiny Donald, but by being a lawyer with a theory that smelled as if it could help. It was Powell selling Trump, and Trump caring only to the extent she proved useful to him. And since she came to the team with some street cred, even if her pitch was batshit crazy now, he was willing to put her on the team. After all, his team captain, Rudy, wasn’t exactly sane and competent either.

So if Powell is unlikely to have the juice to bring down The Donald, why did prosecutors give her such a sweet deal? Two reasons leap to mind. The first, and probably most significant, reason is that she, unlike the bail bondsman who nobody really gave a damn about, breaks the dam. There was no reason for Powell to take a bullet for Trump, and at 68, she’s a bit old to spend her waning years in a correctional facility.

That made her ripe for flipping, and the prosecutors saw the opportunity to serve both their interests, Powell’s way out of prison, even if her reputation was forever tainted and her career dead no matter what. But since she was a front person for the cause, her flipping revealed what the future of the case held for the others who, like her, were at the end of their careers, would not do well in prison and had no reason to give up their life for Trump, who wouldn’t be bothered to piss on them if they were on fire. If Powell flipped, there was little hope for them. And the good deals go to the earliest cooperators, as the prosecution no longer needs the later ones. They’ve already got their witnesses.

The second reason is that Sidney was close to Rudy, and whereas her insider knowledge of Trump might have been lacking, she likely has the testimony to seal Rudy’s fate. Do you have any idea how much hair dye costs at a prison commissary? While Sidney’s testimony might not be able to bring Trump down, it almost certainly will destroy Rudy, her fellow attorney with whom she shared, discussed and marveled in fantastical legal strategies. Rudy will not miss this point, having been United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, whose every case involved a rat no matter what the price.

Now that Powell flipped, Giuliani has a choice to make. Take a bullet for Trump and end his days potentially being groped instead of doing the groping, or cut a deal and snitch. Rudy’s future as a lawyer is over. Rudy’s reputation as America’s Mayor is toast. Rudy’s chances of being named America’s Sexist Man are slim. The only question left is whether Rudy wants to end his days with a number in place of his name. And Sidney Powell is the perfect person to make that happen.

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