The Power Of Perseverance

What do you need when you are in the trenches on big projects? – You need perseverance and endurance . Why ? Because, often,  you’re not able to see the fruits of your labor on a daily basis and it  may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. 

You need to keep in mind that nothing great has ever been put forth out there without perseverance, without that steady sticking to it and that everyday grind. Although you may not not see it right this moment, in the end everything will come together. Even though you might feel uninspired or tired sometimes when you do not see the immediate results, you need to keep going. 

You know how excited you get when you first start working on a project  and you cannot wait to see the finished product? But then, months past and it seems that you will never get to see the final result of your project. The days go on and the temptation to quit starts sneaking in. 

Your project is like a baby and it needs nurturing, so give yourself some credit for where you are and stick to it. The day that your project lands,it will be a magnificent manifestation of all of these little efforts you’ve been putting forth.

Do not despair, stay the course. Even though you are not seeing clear results right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean nothing is happening with your project. Therefore, keep putting in the work and whatever you’re not seeing today you’re going to see it amplified. Do not throw in the towel, your day of seeing what it is that you’ve been working on is coming, it’s around the corner, do not give up, persevere!

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