Are you ready to create the lifestyle you went to law school for?

Don’t you think it’s about time you had the time and money freedom you worked so hard for?


Do you dream of...

I am the Laptop Lifestyle Lawyer and you can have all of that just like I do.

When you Enroll in the program, you get:

Access to my
Leap into Your Lifestyle Course

Take 15 years off your learning curve by learning step by step exactly what I did to build my law firm to a 7 Figure Jury Verdict law firm with no prior business experience and less than $500 Start up Cost!

Leap into Your Lifestyle

Want to build your law firm but don't know where to start?

In Module 1, we map out a  3-5 year plan for your virtual law firm which includes taking inventory of all the assets you currently possess to create a blueprint for your high cash flow and low overhead law business.

Leap into Your Lifestyle

Are you afraid you won't make enough money on your own?

Think again! Module 2 is entitled:  You +  blueprint for success = $$$. 

This module is all about getting your inner boss to come out. We will identify any limiting beliefs you may have currently about building a successful law firm and we’ll obliterate them one by one.

Leap into Your Lifestyle

Does the idea of starting your firm overwhelm you?

Module 3 is the practice nuts and bolts.

This Module is all about setting  up the structure of your practice and establishing your presence both locally and online. 

Leap into Your Lifestyle

No Marketing Skills? Not sure know
how to get Clients ?

No Problem! the Rainmaking like the boss Module addresses just that!

In Module 4, we will come up with a solid marketing plan  to drive consistent traffic into your business, so that your phone never stops ringing and so that you continuously convert your efforts, skills and talents into cash.

Leap into Your Lifestyle

Are you worried that you won't be able to handle your firm's workload?

Module 5 is about automating and streamlining your practice.

Here, we get you organized with workflows, templated and processes that shave off man hours and increase efficiency and productivity. This is where we establish the systems that will allow you to scale up or scale down your firm at your leisure.

Leap into Your Lifestyle

No prior business experience? no problem

Module 6 is all about goal setting and tracking.

This is about you being able to grow this firm, dollar-wise client base wise and eventually scale to the heavens. 

Every module includes....

Personal Injury Lawyer Playbook

I created this playbook to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to run a successful PI pre-suit business taking just 4 Easy steps

Get this flow chart which maps out each step with
corresponding documents to use to take your PI pre-suit case from start to finish

You also get every sample document you could possible need to use for your pre-suit PI cases

Check out Results from my Students!

Don't want to litigate? Get a list of my best go to litigators!

Need more Confidence? Then you need to check out my Supercharged Confidence course!

Want some guidance on how to set and crush big goals?
Then check out my Goal Crushing course

Want my exact checklist of how I started my law firm with Less than $500? GET IT HERE!

Worried you'll have case specific questions?

No Problem! You will get direct access to Kara for 60 days through Voxer!

No book of business? No Problem! Get my cheatsheet on how to generate $10,000 in 30 Days with your Virtual Law Firm

What my Students have to say

Don't have a Business Plan? Grab my sample business plan and just fill in the blanks!

Everything you need to build out your law firm business plan! Build out an executive summary, company description, services, market analysis, marketing strategy, financials, and budget

Need ongoing support?

Then you'll want to jump on my monthly group coaching call

Need a website? Launch your website in less than a day using this

WordPress Site Template

A ready-to-go law firm WordPress site template offers time and cost efficiency with a quick setup and professional design tailored for your law firm. It provides user-friendly customization options and essential built-in features like contact forms and SEO optimization.

Additionally, these templates come with regular updates and security features, ensuring your site remains secure and up-to-date.

Not sure where to start with Social Media? Get started with 150 days worth of templates

Not sure where to start with Content? You will get a list of video and text prompts to get you started!

You'll also get Get my Social Media Ad Guidelines and Checklists

Want to leverage Facebook?

Unlock the secrets to mastering Facebook and Facebook Ads with this comprehensive e-book!

Whether you’re aiming to boost your firms online presence or drive targeted traffic to your website, this guide provides you with expert insights and actionable strategies.

From setting up a compelling Facebook Page to crafting high-converting ad campaigns, you’ll learn everything you need to know to harness the power of Facebook for your business success.

Dive in and discover how to turn likes into leads and followers into loyal customers!

Want to leverage LinkedIn?

Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn with our comprehensive e-book!

Perfect for professionals and law firms aiming to enhance their online presence, this guide offers expert insights and practical strategies for leveraging LinkedIn.

Learn how to build a standout profile, create engaging content, and utilize LinkedIn’s powerful networking tools to drive connections and generate leads.

Dive in and discover how to transform your LinkedIn presence into a dynamic engine for professional growth and business success!

Want to leverage Instagram?

Transform your Instagram presence with our ultimate e-book!

Ideal for law firms, this comprehensive resource provides expert insights and actionable strategies to maximize your impact on Instagram. 

Learn how to create stunning content, grow a loyal following, and master Instagram Ads to drive engagement and clients. 

Dive in and discover the secrets to turning your Instagram profile into a powerful tool for law firm growth and success!

Want to leverage Youtube?

Elevate your Youtube game with our all-inclusive e-book! 

Perfect for law firm owners, this comprehensive resource offers expert insights and practical strategies to maximize your Youtube presence. 

Learn how to create captivating videos, grow your subscriber base, and leverage Youtube Ads to boost engagement and drive traffic. 

Dive in and uncover the secrets to transforming your Youtube channel into a powerful platform for law firm growth and expansion!

Want to Learn how to step up your SEO? Go through this guide!

Get the 60 Page E-Book

Not sure where to start with branding yourself? Use my Full Branding Kit to get started!

Want expert marketing guidance? Book a 1 hour consultation with our Marketing Expert

Unlock the potential of your business with a 1-hour marketing consultation from our expert. Gain personalized strategies tailored to your unique goals and challenges. You will accelerate your growth and achieve measurable results!

Use our Transition Plan calculator and see how quickly you can replace your current income

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$0.00Income per client$150,000.00Income per client

Worried about....

Not having enough legal experience to go at it alone?

When you get into the Profitable Law Firm Program, you will automatically have access to the Laptop Lifestyle Lawyer Community. A place for like-minded lawyers to connect with each other, share resources, ask questions and support each other's growth.

You can join practice area specific groups, attend live trainings and Q & As, join the directory to be visible for referral all while while getting celebrated for your shared wins!

Access to a full community of like minded lawyers

Florida Bar CLE Accreditation

This course has been approved by the Florida Bar for 11 general credits towards your continuing legal education. If you are a lawyer practicing in other states, check your bar CLE reciprocity rules.

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