Trial for Woman Accused of Murdering Star Cyclist out of Jealousy Begins in Texas

The trial of Kaitlin Armstrong, who is accused of murdering star cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson out of romantic jealousy on May 11, 2022, began in Texas Wednesday, Ethan Weinstein reports for VTDigger. Investigator’s claim that both women were at one time involved with fellow cyclist Colin Strickland and who Wilson had been out with in the hours before her killing. Following Wilson’s killing, Armstrong went on the run for more than 40 days, first flying to New York City before using her sister’s passport to fly to Costa Rica and spent more than $6,000 on plastic surgery in an attempt to conceal her identity.

Although prosecutors laid out a plan for the trial during opening statements, including presenting a timeline of Armstrong’s whereabouts, forensic and GPS evidence, and witnesses, Armstrong’s defense argued that no witnesses actually saw Armstrong commit the murder, and the state’s reliance on DNA and ballistic evidence was less than absolute. Armstong has also been charged with felony escape after attempting to flee custody at the prison she is being held in.


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