Trusting your Gut & Perspective

Trusting who you are and understanding that how you see things, and the lens through which you see life is very important. Why? Because that is your TRUTH

Making your own decisions, not allowing people or society’s standards to shake you from what you believe in and from the gut feelings that you have about things is also important.

When you uncover your true self and you get to the core of who you are, own that and operate from that unapologetically! There is no need for you to feel wrong for the perspective that you have on life because you are unique. 

No two people have the same parents that you have, and no two people have the exact DNA you have or the life experiences that you have, or even see the world the way you do. It behooves you to trust that this specific perspective is only offered by you and is very valuable.

It is time for you to honor yourself and stand in your power, unshakable, unapologetic and not willing to be made wrong for your perspective. Embrace who you are! If something does not feel right to you, don’t question it, because the lens through which you see the world, your perspective, your filter and your program, makes it not okay with you, and you don’t have to feel wrong for that. 

Recently something happened to me, and I got triggered, and the people around me were trying to make me wrong for the way I felt.  I know the kind of work I have done on myself and if this is where I am on my journey, I am not going to apologize or make myself wrong. I had to look within myself to see if there was maybe something that I wanted to change in myself so that moving forward I would not be triggered that way. When I evaluated the situation, I honored myself for feeling the way that I felt and rightfully so.

It is important that you honor your gut and honor where you are now in life and should you decide to change that in the future, great  or if you want to stick to your gun, also great. Honor your gut, honor your perspective. Where you are in your evolution will have you react  a certain way and stand in that, trust your gut feeling, and if there’s an opportunity in a certain situation to grow, then grow from it. Do not feel like you should feel differently when you feel a certain way, because your feelings will vary depending on where you are on your journey and it is all good.


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