Virginia Doctor Convicted of Decade-Long Drug Distribution Conspiracy

An Arlington County doctor has been convicted on all but one count of oxycodone distribution in a 21-count indictment naming her as part of decade-long drug distribution conspiracy, Salvador Rizzo reports for the Washington Post. Prosecutors said Kirsten Van Steenberg Ball ignored years of warnings from Virginia health regulators and classic signs of drug abuse from patients who were reselling some of their pills and  “flooded” Virginia with more than 1 million oxycodone pills she prescribed. Ball testified at her trial in U.S. District Court in Alexandria that she kept prescribing oxycodone to patients who failed drug tests, shared pills with others in violation of criminal laws or neglected to provide documentation that she requested. An undercover FBI agent testified that he kept obtaining oxycodone prescriptions from Ball after all of those lapses. Ball conspired with former patients and one employee, to whom she prescribed more than 700 pills of 30-miligram oxycodone in one week in 2019. Ball faces the possibility of decades in prison.

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